Free Manuscript Appraisal


I’ve been really lucky this year because I’ve been the recipient of a 2020 grant for Non-German Literature from the Berlin Senate and it’s given me time to write. It’s had me thinking I’d like to give something back to writers who are working on their first novels. I’ve decided to offer feedback to a woman of colour with a manuscript they want to take further and who would not otherwise be able to afford professional feedback. The manuscript needs to be finished in the sense that they taken it as far as they feel they can alone. This support is for writer based in Berlin.

I need a short synopsis – just the basics of what it’s about and a first chapter. Also a brief outline of why this feedback would help and why the writer can’t afford it. I will be choosing only one project, so send your best!

I will provide a report of at least 3 pages and will meet with the author for 2/3 hour discussion – either in person or remotely.

Deadline 30th September 2020!

For more information: mail – at –


So, this is what else is going on at the moment…



That grant I mentioned above… this means I’m able to work on my novel in progress, The Playing Field Diaries this year. Lockdown with a novel to write and a teenage daughter in the next room has been interesting, but I’m making progress.



I wrote a short piece on my lockdown experience for the non-fiction anthology Garden of Fires, edited by Marina Benjamin: You can buy it here.



I have a short story called The Word in this anthology of Recovery Stories edited by Lily Dunn and Zoe Gilbert. The editors have currently obtained almost all funding for this project to come to fruition via Unbound. If can afford to support the last steps, please do.



Summer with Rana, the feature film for which I wrote the screenplay and which was produced last year has been shown at quite a few international film festivals lately.


Zlín Film Festival – International Film Festival for Children and Youth

Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival

Pyeongchang International Peace Film Festival

Buster – CPH PIX Filmfestival

Sharjah International Film Festival for Youth and Children

Mumbai Film Festival

Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival


You can catch the trailer here.