Absolutely Positive

Screenplay and Directing: Kate Brown


Absolutely Positive   A Film by Kate Brown


You can watch the film here in Dutch. If you would like to watch it with English subtitles you can contact Kate via the contact form.


Sixteen year old Dennis is angry. He gets into fights at his new school and has made a hobby of playing chicken with fast
cars on his bike. He’s just lost his mother, so maybe that’s reason enough. But there’s something more lurking under the
surface, something that makes him behave aggressively towards others. Particularly towards Sara, the girl of his dreams.
As Sara makes it clear she is as intrigued by Dennis as he is by her, it looks like things might finally come right. But Dennis
does everything possible to sabotage the relationship and sometimes it looks like he might be doing it on purpose.
And maybe he is? Because how do you tell someone you’re HIV positive?

Hunter Bussemaker (Moonlight, Verborgen Gebreken) als Dennis. Lore Dijkman (Zus & zo, Cool, Julie en Herman) als Sara.


Kate Brown on Absolutely Positive

Lots of teenagers are angry. Every second of their lives is lived with passion, both negative and positive. Many of these kids
have no particular reason to be angry, life just gets them down. But Dennis has every right to be mad. And confused, too.
He always thought he’d die before his Mum. That being HIV positive was a death sentence and he’d certainly never get old.
But now he’s on his own and it seems he has a future. What could he possibly do that would make things worse?
Fall in love, of course.



Julie & Herman

Screenplay and Directing: Kate Brown



Julie doesn’t want to be a virgin anymore but doesn’t know what to do about it. Fifteen year old Julie doesn’t get on with Herman, her history teacher. He picks on her, she picks on him. One day, Herman finally manages to shame Julie more than she can bear. Julie follows him home with the intention of getting revenge, but instead, discovers that Herman is not the dull individual she thought he was. Not only is he very much human, he is also sexual. Julie makes new plans for Herman. Instead of destroying him, she decides he is just the man to help her loose her virginity.





You Don’t Look Like A Junkie

Directing: Kate Brown




New DAA Hepatitis C Drugs

Directing: Kate Brown & Fiona Lloyd-Davis