Mentoring & Teaching


Kate teaches novel writing for TheReaderBerlin  and is a mentor for both writers of prose and screenwriters/film-makers. New courses with The Reader Berlin will appear here here!

Kate is also an expert for Creative Media Europe. She has been assessing both Single Projects and Slates for development funding for many years and is available for consultation.

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Amélie Vrla

Kate Brown knows how to read a project in the right way: she asks you the right questions, makes the right remarks and pushes you in the right direction to further develop the whole. She spots the problems and shares her wise ideas to solve them, thus helping you to rapidly move forward.

Maeve McQuillan

Kate was a great mentor. Her notes on my script were very insightful, they really helped clarify the issues within the story.  Moreover, her advise and support throughout the development stage of my feature script was invaluable. Kate really helped push the project through to the next stage.

Liavali Coquet

Kate’s classes/workshops are carefully organized and well thought out. I hate time wasters, and Kate’s approach to the writing process does not waste anyone’s time. She also does not push anyone into uncomfortable rhythms, but it is easy to understand what she is trying to show us, and be inspired by the possibilities – even when like me, you have never studied creative writing in this manner.

Through Kate’s guiding workshops I learned about the writing process in ways that I can effectively work through, without being in any way constricted. Kate has a way of conducting her exercises that makes us all look at our own writing with a view to improve it, without disregarding individual voices and styles.

Rebekah Powell

I was in no way prepared for writing my first novel, and Kate’s course came at the perfect time. Kate has the practical experience of writing her own novels to help you make it through the first steps in your journey. She’s realistic: she will tell you how it is and she’s won’t shy away from the hard truths. But she’s incredibly kind and encouraging, turning everything into an opportunity for growth and always seeing the good in a writer’s work. She helped me to hone in on a purpose, develop key scenes in my story and gave me incredibly wise council on what works for her in her own writing and what pitfalls to avoid.


With a well-considered selection of readings, group discussions, and accessible writing exercises, Kate’s class provided the structure and support I was looking for as I work on finishing my first draft. It was also a welcome opportunity to connect with a local community of like-minded writers and get some feedback.

Philothée Gaymard

I have attended two of Kate’s classes on the novel, which have helped me get back on track with my project and test out ideas with the group, whose feedback was invaluable. Kate would often give us exercises that sparked new ideas for me and got me to explore facets of my characters or my story I hadn’t thought of. Her feedback was always constructive, specific and accurate. I definitely recommend her class if you’re starting on with a novel, but also if you’re willing to go more in depth into the craft.