a novel about the women of versailles by the writer Kate Brown

Kate’s debut novel  ‘The Women of Versailles’ will be published by Seren Books in May 2017


1745: Adélaïde, teenage daughter of Louis XV, doesn’t think much of the conventions of 
Versailles. She prefers fencing to fashion. When
her father’s beautiful bourgeois mistress – hastily bestowed with the title Madame de Pompadour – moves into the palace, she can’t help but admire her. Then Adélaïde finds the banned ‘pornographic’ novel Le Portier des Chartreux and her world is thrown into confusion. The more rules Adélaïde breaks, the harder it becomes for her not to be swallowed up by the court that created her.

1789: Fear stalks the palace corridors as the women of Paris storm the gates and the court of Louis XVI must leave Versailles for good.